4D ® Product Line

4D Server integrates a powerful relational database, an SQL server, and an application server, all in one product. 4D Server's architecture is independent of the selected platform, so it can be run on either Mac or Windows

Whatever the class of business solution - desktop LAN, desktop remote, web or eCommerce - the diverse deployment options available from a 4D approach let us acheive a highly integrated result. As 4D partners we can supply site licenses and a full range of annual maintenance contracts across the product range. In particular, the 4D data, application and web server lets you install an unlimited number of clients while only paying for concurrent connections.

By choosing a 4D based solution you'll be in good company. The community of 4D developers includes over 7,000 systems houses, VAR, integrators and vertical applications publishers worldwide. Click the link below to find our more...

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Business Kube ®

Empower your 4D installation with advanced network-based business tools. The Business Kube ® framework provides a suite of core business productivity modules for 4D Server, including accounting and CRM plus industry-specific customiseable modules.

As developers of the Business Kube ® productivity modules for 4D Server, we can provide a unique level of implementation and support across a wide range of industry sectors.

Flexibility - Reliability
Business Kube allows for advanced customisation, including customer-specific modules if required. These are housed in a robust, proven framework for maximum reliability and maintainability.

3rd Party

HM Cal. Scheduling and diarying built right in to your core solutions.
HM Cal integrates with your other solutions and draws on the 4D database server common data set. HM Cal is produced by Haubach Media - for more details, click below.

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4D's interface on the web and one of the worlds most powerful web-enabling tools. It boasts a feature set parallel to or in excess of that of PHP and ASP but dedicted to the 4D platform. In an increasingly crowded e-Commerce market, we are pleased to be able to offer a solution that offers world class reliability, scaleability and security.