About Us

By Peter Jakobsson, Founder
peter-jakobsson In 1992 when I started supplying database development services, it was to address a growing need for centralised solutions with graphical user interfaces (GUI). These were just starting to appear on the market and would allow staff to work across a range of business processes on a common data set. Furthermore, the emerging visual development technologies meant that minimal training was needed for them to become productive.

A couple of decades later, the products and services we supply have evolved radically and grown in diversity, but the same basic principle of facilitating co-operative working amongst end users applies more strongly than ever. During that time, we have gained experience in several industry sectors including financial management, accounting, retail, contracting and medical.

Customer Base
Past and present clients include BP Exploration, EMI Music, The Malcolm Group (Construction Services), StartPeople - one of the Netherlands largest temping agencies, Wella Nederland NV - the haircare group, Link-Tel Communications - one of Scotlands most established Motorola distributors, The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment as well as Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op - northern Britain's largest bicycle retailer. These have all been as main contractor. As sub-contractor, past customers include the BBC and Arlington Business Parks.

Case Study
As is reported in our news section, we were recently featured in 4D's own 'Success Stories' series along with our customer, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative. Access the article here to download the full case study.

Why 4D ?
For us, the single most significant feature of the 4D platform is its supremely integrated architecture. This sets it apart from competing approaches and allows us to pass on all kinds of benefits to the end user including very low to zero server administration, a minimally disruptive upgrade process and a high level of articulation for customised modules. Another great advantage is that 4D provides a unified technology layer across both client and server components of the installation. This leads to high reliability with minimal maintenance.

The Future - Escaping the Office
The most exciting development in the 4D product line recently is surely the migration of its integrated approach to web and mobile platforms. In the last year, one of the most powerful web and mobile environments to date - Wakanda - was launched by 4D SA and we expect it to characterise our solutions roadmap for at least the next 5-10 years at least.

Wakanda is a single point approach to large scale, multi-device business applications. It brings the same unified approach to the browser and mobile world and is currently setting a new standard in productivity in this technology class. For more information see the Wakanda website.